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Apply for a Refund Cash Advance loan at the end of your tax prep, and you could get up to $6,000 within minutes of filing.

At Score Factor, we offer three quick and easy ways to file. You can choose to file virtually online, in person, or you can drop off your file. Which every way you choose we do the work for you while you relax. Our team of accountants and tax professionals are here to take the stress out of filing your taxes. We can’t wait to assist you. Clink the link below to get started now.

Pick How You Want To File

File In Person

Meet with a local Tax Professional at one of our locations of at our corporate office in DeSoto, Texas. Open late, early, and on weekends.

File Virtually Online

File online with our Tax App, submit your tax documents, a Tax Professional will complete your return and contact you by phone or email.

Drop Off And Go

Drop off your tax documents and let a Tax Professional do the rest. No return visit required. We will send you your documents

At Score Factor

We are all about customer satisfaction and we have a keen appreciation for client feedback. If you have experienced our professional and highly affordable services, please do let us know what you think. Any suggestions and criticism are most welcome as they would help us further improve the quality of our services. Please take the time to listen below to what our satisfied customers have to say about us at Score Factor:

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tiffanie Williams

Score Factor is awesome. They got me a $5,000 refund and I thought I was going to have to pay money. They really know the tax laws and are sticklers for detail. Now I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my taxes.

James Hearn

Score Factor is everything you could want in a tax preparer. They are fast with extensive knowledge. They really care about you and always work hard to get you the best refund. I give them 5 out of 5 stars!

Candice Jones

Great service for an affordable price. Score Factor saved me money in two ways. First with their affordable rates and then with their excellent service which ensured I got all the deductions that I qualified for.

Walter Murphy Sr.

I highly recommend Score Factor. They were able to find me several deductions that I didn’t even know were available. They saved me money and got me the best possible refund. I’m definitely using them again next year.